Lil Quick Reference


typeof False Examples
"number" 0 42 37.5 -29999
"string" "" "foo\nbar"
"list" () 11,22,33 list 3
"dict" ()dict() ("a","b") dict 11,22
"table" n/a table range 2 insert a with 1 end
"function" n/a on x y do x+y end


Valence Purpose
monad arithmetic - ! floor cos sin tan exp ln sqrt mag unit heading
monad reducers count first last sum prod min max raze
monad data range keys list (enlist) rows cols table typeof flip
dyad arithmetic + - * / % (y mod x) ^ (pow) & (min) | (max)
dyad logical < > = (conforming equal) ~ (match) unless (x if y is 0)
dyad string fuse split parse format like
dyad data , (concat) @ (index each right) dict take drop limit in
dyad joins join (natural join/zip) cross (cross join/cartesian product)




A format is %[name]*-0N.DX: * skip, 0 pad, N width.

- is invert char class (ro) or left justify.

.D is decimal places (fc), size of char class (ro), or truncate to D characters.

X Purpose
%nmz Parsing literal %, number of chars read, matches? matches to end?
ro Matching repeat (0 or more in char class), optional (0 or 1 in char class)
sula String string, uppercase string, lowercase string, ASCII chars
bficChH Number bool, float, int, currency (-$1.23), plain currency (-1.23), hex lowercase, hex uppercase
jep Misc. JSON, unix epoch, time-parts {year, month, day, hour, minute, second}
qv Lil quoted Lil string literal, Lil variable name

Glob patterns for like: